2022-08-31 11:00:00 | America/New_York

Camille Papon Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen

Circuit-based resonant excitation of multiple quantum dots

Single photons and their interaction with quantum emitters are key components of quantum information protocols, finding applications in quantum communication and quantum simulation. Self-assembled InAs quantum dots (QDs) embedded in pin-GaAs membrane present excellent optical properties, and their integration within planar photonic nanostructures ensures near-deterministic light-matter interaction. Further scaling of this platform requires an efficient strategy to operate multiple single-photon sources (SPS) simultaneously. In this talk, we will present a way to tackle this challenge by demonstrating the scalable operation of multiple SPSs using a specially designed nanophotonic circuit. We realize simultaneous resonant excitation of two QDs positioned in separate dual-mode waveguides and demonstrate their independent Stark tuning with electrical biases. The low-noise properties of QDs together with the individual control of their energy is highlighted by two-photon quantum interference measurement. This work promotes the fully waveguide-based approach towards the scalable operation of deterministic SPSs for various quantum information application. The realized strategy can be applied to other quantum nanophotonic platforms.

Speaker's Bio

Iā€™m currently a PhD student in the Quantum Photonics group at the Niels Bohr Institute, in Copenhagen. During my 3-years research, I put my effort in expanding the scalability of the planar quantum photonic platform towards direct quantum information applications. This builds up on my prior Msc. project, focused on the nanofabrication and characterization of on-chip single-photon router based on nano-electro-mechanical switches, followed by one-year research assistant position, dedicated to outcoupling and efficiency of planar nanostructures.