2023-02-01 11:00:00 | America/New_York

Kfir Sulimany The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

From Multimode Nonlinear Optics to High-Dimensional Quantum Communications

Quantum photonics often relies on nonlinear optics for the generation of photons, followed by reconfigurable linear optical networks for coherent control. In this talk, I will start by reviewing our study of multimode nonlinear optics in fibers [1,2], which also enabled our realization of an all-fiber entangled photon pairs source [3]. These photons are spatially entangled in the eigenmodes of the multimode fiber, allowing for high-dimensional quantum communications. I will then present a couple of methods to coherently control such states. The first is achieved by multiplane light conversion based on a spatial light modulator [4], while the second is by employing a “Fiber piano” [5]; a piezo-actuator array that deforms the multimode fiber. Finally, I will introduce a novel Quantum Key Distribution protocol that utilizes high-dimensional encoding to boost the secure key rate and its experimental implementation in the Israeli Quantum Key Distribution National Demonstrator [6]. [1] Kfir Sulimany, et al. Physical Review Letters 121.13 (2018): 133902. [2] Kfir Sulimany, et al. Optica 9.11 (2022): 1260-1267. [3] Kfir Sulimany, and Yaron Bromberg. npj Quantum Information 8.1 (2022): 1-5. [4] Ohad Lib, Kfir Sulimany, and Yaron Bromberg. Physical Review Applied 18.1 (2022): 014063. [5] Zohar Finkelstein, Kfir Sulimany, et al. arXiv preprint arXiv:2208.03778 (2022). [6] Kfir Sulimany, et al. arXiv preprint arXiv:2105.04733 (2021).

Speaker's Bio

Kfir Sulimany received his B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as part of the "Talpiot" elite program. He also acquired a Diploma in Computer Science for B.Sc. graduates from the Open University of Israel. As part of the "Talpiot" program, Kfir was an R&D team leader of 8 physicists and engineers and developed advanced electro-optical systems including the Israeli Quantum Key Distribution National Project. Meanwhile, Kfir completed his M.Sc. in Prof. Hadar Steinberg’s lab in the field of nonlinear optics. Today, Kfir’s Ph.D. research in Prof. Yaron Bromberg’s lab is mainly focused on quantum communications. Following his research, Kfir was chosen as the recipient of the Quantum Technology Fellowship from the Israeli Council for Higher Education and The Excellence Award for Ph.D. research from the Quantum Information Science Center of the Hebrew University.