2024-03-06 11:00:00 | America/New_York

Frank Koppens Institute of Photonic Sciences, Spain

Photonics and single photon detection with moiré graphene systems

In this presentation, we present the unique properties and applications of stacked and twisted two-dimensional (2D) material.Our focus is on twisted 2D materials, which have recently attracted a lot of attention because of their ability to form moiré superlattices, leading to the discovery of new electronic phases. We discuss the practical applications of these materials, particularly in the fields of strong light-matter interactions and infrared/terahertz radiation detection. By using twisted graphene, we have found remarkable bulk photovoltaic effects, shedding light on the underlying topological properties and the physics of electron interactions. Additionally, we present a new approach to broadband single-photon detection, which relies on creating a bistable state in two-dimensional moiré superlattices, highlighting the potential for innovative optoelectronic devices.

Speaker's Bio

Prof. Frank Koppens is group leader at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO). The Quantum Nano-Optoelectronics Group, led by Prof. Koppens, is at the forefront of researching the fundamental science and potential applications of heterostructures of stacked and twisted two-dimensional (2D) materials. In particular, the group focuses on the interactions with light at extreme limits and at the nanoscale. The group integrates the realms of nanophotonics, 2D materials, topology, emerging phenomena, and strong light-matter interactions, creating a multidisciplinary approach in their research. Koppens is co-founder of the company Qurv, which commercializes images sensors for machine vision. Prof. Koppens is vice-chairman of the executive board of the graphene flagship program and leader of the optoelectronics workpackage within the flagship. Koppens has received the ERC starting grant, the ERC consolidator grant, and five ERC proof-of-concept grants. Other awards include the Christiaan Hugyensprijs 2012, the national award for research in Spain, the IUPAP young scientist prize in optics, and the ACS photonics investigator award. Since 2018 Koppens is on the Clarivate list for highly cited researchers, in the physics category, and in 20220 he has been elected as fellow of the American Physical Society.