2024-03-11 11:00:00 | America/New_York

Matteo Pasini QuTech and Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Quantum Nanophotonics with Tin-Vacancy Centers in Diamond

A large-scale quantum network, where many nodes are connected via entanglement and can share and process quantum information, holds the promise of unprecedented applications ranging from distributed quantum computing to enhanced quantum sensing and secure communication. Color centers in diamond, with their excellent optical properties, long spin coherence times, and versatile control over local nuclear spins, are among the leading platforms for building network nodes that can share entanglement using photonic quantum links. The tin-vacancy (SnV) center is a resourceful platform that features an efficient optical interface, coherent spin operation at temperatures around 1K, and compatibility with nanophotonic integrated devices, thanks to the first-order insensitivity to electric field fluctuations. Together with the recent developments in all-diamond nanofabrication and hybrid integrated photonics, this makes the SnV promising for realizing scalable and on-chip devices. This talk will give an introduction to quantum networks and focus on our work toward realizing a spin-photon interface based on SnV centers, to use it as a building block for quantum network applications. In doing this, we will present our recent results on integrating SnV in all-diamond nanophotonic waveguides, heralded initialization of the frequency and charge states, and coherent microwave control of an SnV qubit.

Speaker's Bio

Matteo Pasini is a PhD researcher in the group of prof. Ronald Hanson in QuTech (Delft University of Technology), where he’s working on experimental quantum optics with color centers in diamond. Fascinated by the quantum properties of light and matter, his interest starts in quantum photonics and integrated optics and expands to the technical and fundamental challenges of interfacing basic quantum systems. His work is now focusing on enhancing the interaction between photons and diamond color centers in nanophotonic structures.